When life hands you lemons, cut ’em up.

I have a lot of new makes to share with you! 

First, I drafted a pattern for what I was hoping would be my go-to dress. I constructed it out of a medium-weight chambray, it has a simple, elasticated waist, kimono sleeves, and a gently curved hem. It sewed up super quick, but when I tried on the final dress, the fit just wasn’t right. The neckline was a bit too wide and the skirt was too loose. I left it for a week while debating whether or not to rip it apart or just chalk it up to a bad make, but then I had a breakthrough.

I took the dress and sliced it right up the middle. I took out about an inch strip down the center of the dress. I found a gold and navy jacket zipper online that was almost the length of the entire dress and installed it in the cut i had made (also my first ever zipper installation) and voila! A perfect fit. And the zipper adds a lot of interest to an otherwise plain dress.


A loss turns into a win with a bit of patience and creative thinking!

Also, apologies for the potato-quality photos. I typically sew at night after work, and I get so excited about taking a picture right after I finish a garment! 


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