Wardrobe Architect Parts 1 and 2

As a part of my effort to become more mindful about what I consume, I am also attempting to become more mindful about the pieces I choose to sew and my motivations for creating them.


The lovely Coletterie, the blog extension of Colette Patterns, has a (relatively) new feature called the Wardrobe Architect. The Wardrobe Architect consists of a series of exercises, worksheets and prompts with the goal of understanding your own personal style and preferences and building a small wardrobe that reflects these.


Week One of the project called for participants to consider how their personal histories, philosophies, culture, community, activities and climate influenced their clothing choices.


Week Two creating a list of words that describe your personal style, starting with 15 words and paring them down to five.


Here are my five words, along with a few images that reflect them. collage1.jpg

More images I’ve collected live here.

What words describe your personal style?


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